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• 2/8/2016

anyone else disappointed?

i feel that madfinger games didn't put as much effort into unkilled as much as the dead trigger series...

i mean cmon lets face it... unkilled is basically dead trigger 2 all over again with less graphics, no arena, no hideout, and no side missions...

madfinger games totally ditched the dead trigger series for something much less...

if they were going to make a new game about zombies, wouldnt they just do dead trigger 3, considering how successful the series was? that would've been better than anything they made now, like Monzo...

its a big disappointment and a let-down to all the fans that had been waiting for dead trigger 3 for quite a long time..

thats my take on this game...as a die hard dead trigger fan, may the games R.I.P...

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• 2/8/2016

Agree. I stopped playing it at day three. Although DT is not dead, there was an update this month if im not mistaken.

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