"So Sam said I was the second best soldier in the world, huh? I think I can live with that." - Clark


Description Edit

The ultimate wingman. Clark and Joe fought together back in their special forces days, and have saved each other’s hides more than they can count. Clark was usually the cover guy, while Joe took point, both on the battlefield and in the bar!

Just ignore his big mouth and a wannabe rock star attitude. It tends to get on people's nerves and Clark knows it.

His weapon of choice is shotgun. He is also extremely proficient in close quarters combat.

Video Edit

Meet Clark, A True Artist with a Shotgun

Meet Clark, A True Artist with a Shotgun

Trivia Edit

  • According to Sam, Clark prefers shotguns because he is a miserable shot with a rifle.
  • Along with Sam,The Captain, and Steve, Clark is now a playable character in the multiplayer update.
  • It is Also replaced as Liam


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