"The best soldier you can find and a true gentleman. Indeed a rare combination." - Sam

AffiliationsU.S Army Rangers (Formley)


Description Edit

A former member of the U.S. Army Rangers 75th Regiment, Joe now works for WOLFPACK, a private American military company whose existence has never been confirmed. Joe’s expertise in airfield seizure, reconnaissance, personnel recovery and high-value target raids, as well as his master’s degree in Philosophy from NYU, make him the to-go guy for Wolfpack’s most dangerous missions.

But his latest mission might be too dangerous, even for Joe: land a strike team outside overrun infestation zones, and secure the area until reinforcements arrive. The pencil-necks at Wolfpack HQ give Joe an 11.6% chance of survival. Joe loves those odds.

Joe loves the thrill of battle but can keep a calm head under extreme pressure. His wide knowledge of all weapons make him a nightmare for people (or zombies) who would try to cross him.

Video Edit

Meet Joe, The Ultimate American Action Hero - -stayUNKILLED

Meet Joe, The Ultimate American Action Hero - -stayUNKILLED

Trivia Edit

  • Joe is the only character that has got his own voice over in the game.


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