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List of Mission Types[edit | edit source]

Make some arrangements.PNG
In this type of mission you are going to have to complete different tasks like getting from A to B, operating machinery, hacking computers, opening doors and so on.
Sniper mission.PNG
In Sniper Missions you are going to wield your sniper rifle and dispatch zombies from a distance from a vantage point. Don't forget you can alter the path of the bullet!
Clear area with MG.PNG
In Turret Missions you are going to have to clear a location by using a heavy mounted machine gun. These heavy turrets can be found on military choppers, humvees and even boats so be prepared to step on board all of these vehicles.
Gather resources.PNG
In Resource Run Missions you are going to have to collect a certain amount of resources which can be obtained from enemies, looted from vending machines, electric boxes or just simply found on the ground.
Defend yourself.PNG
Defend Mission is very simple. Your goal is to survive until the timer runs out.
Help friendly unit.PNG
In Assist Mission you are going to have to assist a friendly NPC so that they can perform a certain task.
Escort friendly unit.PNG
In Escort Mission you are going to have to protect a friendly unit and safely escort them from point A to point B.
Boss fight.PNG
In Boss Fights you are going to face some of UNKILLED's most dangerous enemies. Boss Fights are found at the end of each Tier of Story Mode.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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