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Joe, member of the spec-ops unit Wolfpack, gets a tip from his partner Sam regarding a sudden zombie infection out-break in New York. While the army is trying to get the situation under control, Joe decides to come and help. Shortly afterwards, a record-ing is found with the voice of someone called General who appears to be the mastermind responsible for the zombie epidemic and who claims that mass casualties are to be expected unless the government agrees to his terms. And here begins Joe’s quest to reveal the General’s identity and put an end to his plans.


Did you know...

...that Joe is the only character with his own voice over.

...that name She'n comes from the combination of words She and Ninja.

...that Sam changed her visual several times.

...that Butcher can use his blade as a shield.

...that Nukleon is the remodeled version of the Scienfist in Dead Trigger 2.

...that Sheriff was the first zombie introduced from UNKILLED.

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