"It's actually a lot of fun going against your regular zombies. Until you're overrun and eaten alive, that is." - Joe

Description Edit

These unfortunate souls have fallen victim to a nasty virus, transforming them from an everyman/everywoman into a flesh-eating, bone-chomping zombie. The only known cure? A bullet to the brain.

UNKILLED's zombies are not the fastest ones but that doesn't mean they cannot swarm you if you don't pay attention for a second. Actually they can. And they do. So watch your back.   

Tips Edit

Always presume zombies are behind you so keep moving. Also watch out for zombies with red eyes and zombies with sticks and pipes. They are a bit tougher and deal more damage.

The first rule of zombie apocalypse applies to UNKILLED's zombies as well: Always aim for the head.

Variants Edit

You are going to have to face different variants of zombies. Each deadlier than the one before.

Name Appearance Statistics Abilities Description
Walker Power:10

Walk Speed: 1.3 m/s

Health: 22

Damage: 10

Melee attack A standard weak zombie roaming the streets. Their strength is mainly in numbers.
Runner Power: 10

Walk Speed: 2 m/s

Health: 18

Damage: 10

Increased speed, Melee attack The main advantage of these zombies is speed. They can’t sprint but they will swarm you anyway.
Meeler Power: 15

Walk Speed: 1.7 m/s

Health: 18

Damage: 12

Increased damage of melee attack Armed with improvised weapons these zombies hit pretty hard.

Trivia Edit

  • There are different types of regular zombies, each differently fast and strong.
  • You can tell the strength of a zombie based on the color of it's eyes.
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